The Perfect Liar

The Perfect LiarLuke Trussell was a good man in the air force but will find himself drunk one night and making a mistake with a one night stand. He will be soon charged with rape but will fight it as he did not force her to do anything. Luke will find help from Ava who helps protect victims, but will soon find that he is putting her in danger.

Ava Bixby works at the Last Stand and helps victims. She will be receiving her next case but as she goes further into this case she will find not all things were adding up. Ava will soon be siding with Luke and find a way to clear his name while trying to keep away from trouble that keeps getting closer.

The Perfect Liar is the fifth book to the Last Stand series from Brenda Novak. From this series I have only read the first book which was compelling to read with all the action and underhanded things that occurred in the book. I came across the fifth and sixth book on the shelves in my library and started the fifth one right away as I was eager to read more from this series.

Ava was a strong woman who just wasn’t sure of herself especially when it comes to following her gut about victims. She had failed once and didn’t want to fail again. I liked that she didn’t just give in and gave Luke a chance to tell his side of the story. Luke was a boy scout and always did things the right way. It was interesting to read about him through the story as things started to unravel around him. He became more aggressive which was needed so he would survive this attack to his character. Now there is a budding romance that starts with Luke and Ava but it starts out slow and will find a way to steam up even through all the chaos that happens with the crazed stalker who only wants Luke.

The book weaves through some very serious crimes and Novak does it well especially with the villain who is clearly stated pretty much in the beginning of the book. The stalker was psychotic and clearly had been screwed up for a very long time leading her to do many horrible things. What I found interesting was there were a couple surprises that dealt with the idea that there could have been more than one villain and more than one death happening in the book.

The sixth book is with Jane who was featured in the first book of the series. I am looking to reading how Jane changed from a victim, that is once she figured out the truth out her now deceased husband, to helping victims.


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