About Last Night

About Last NightCath Talarico has made plenty of mistakes but she had been doing good. Then with a blind date and too many drinks she wakes up in a strangers bed but he isn’t exactly a stranger. She has seen this man on the train and studied him. She will want to resist him but it won’t take much for her to fall into his bed. She just won’t take the leap to fall in love.

Nev Chamberlain was from a wealthy family and was a banker but his heart was not in his work. Nev was a painter but he was too scared to try and make it in the art world. He will find himself on a new adventure as he pursues Cath. They will have no problem about passion but Nev will want more, he will want all of Cath.

About Last Night is a novel from Ruthi Knox. She is an author I picked up on the whim.This was a novel that didn’t interest me right away but as I got through a couple of pages I found myself interested in Cath’s character. She is definitely a free spirit but one that was trying to redeem herself. She would not give Nev a break or make anything easy. Now Nev was the man who wanted out of his normal boring job. I liked that he was a painter and had that passion. He was persistent when it came to Cath which was needed as she was not easy to go along with his plans.

I had figured the novel being a romance novel (the cover says it all) there would be that passion between the two characters. There was and Knox did not extinguished the fire between them. There was nothing but sex between the two characters and it was hot and heavy. Of course as Cath opens up she starts to share more about her life which was pretty tragic.

The family is not the best especially the mother and the brother. I was happy to read that the mother at least becomes better which only happens when Nev becomes more assertive.

There was the tragic past with Cath and I liked how Knox slowly unfolded what had happened throughout the book. It was interesting to find out what those tattoos had meant to Cath. I thought the ending was a perfect way to wrap up for Nev and Cath and give them that new beginning.

4 thoughts on “About Last Night

  1. Gayle, I loved this book. It was a terrific read. since reading it I’ve read quite a few of Ruthie Knox’s other books but this one is my favorite.

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