No Strings Attached

No Strings AttachedDune Cates has loved the game of volleyball since he was a kid. He has become a celebrity in the game but with age he was finding it hard to keep going. Dune will be coming back home to rest up and will find himself connecting with Sophie once again. He will want to protect her and with every moment he stays close he will be falling harder and harder for her.

Sophie Saunders knew that she was shy and not quite stable on her feet but she was going to do something about it. Sophie will be working her way through the boardwalk but will be sidetracked when she will come face to face with Dune once again. She has had a crush on him for years and she will soon learn what it will be like to love the man.

No Strings Attached is the second book to the series Barefoot William from Kate Angell. This one had a little more humor to its pages thanks in most part to Sophie who was a very shy young woman and who was also a klutz but she had heart and people loved her. She finds her niche in the town and her place later on in the book which made her stronger. I loved the job she took as it completed her. Dune was a strong man and very tall especially when it comes to Sophie. He was a man that smiled easily and played hard. I loved his protective side with Sophie and that he let her spread her wings even though he was worried.

Once again their story was not the only one being told. There was Mac and Jenna who were nothing but opposites. There was a lot of animosity that came from being by each other but there was also a lot of passion. Then there was also Zane and Tori but their story was a very short one being told and the focus went back to the main couple.

Now there was plenty of sexual tension and sex throughout the book with Dune and Sophie. It was sweet that he wanted to protect her all at the same time but it wasn’t all about the sex. The feud came back into play and more of the story came out with what happened and how things could have changed if certain things were known sooner. It was a sweet wrap up with the feud but it leaves me to wonder if more books will be coming from the Barefoot William series.


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