No Tan Lines

No Tan LinesShaye Cates believes in family and fun. She helps run the boardwalk that her family owns but now she has to deal with her nemesis in order to save her home. She will be baffled when feelings start to intertwine among her interaction with Trace.

Trace Saunders is all about business and he has no time for the flighty and sneaky Shaye Cates but he had to work with her. Trace will not back down when dealing with her but he will find much more as he keeps to her side.

No Tan Lines is the first book to the series Barefoot William. Kate Angell is a new author I found and I have to say I liked the book. It was a little quirky with the characters that populated the book but they were fun loving people. I was able to grab the second book to the series and will be reading that one next.

The book had a light feel to it especially as it was set on the beach. I liked how Angell created a background with this family feud and she did it well. There is a sense of cruelty almost that stems from the feud and Trace and Shaye fall victim to it as they are not their best with each other. Of course opposites do attract and they will sizzle across the pages when they find that passion in each others arms.

Throughout the book there are different characters being focused on and I fell in love with Nicole and Kai as they found a way to be together. Then there was Dune and Sophie who were in the charity volleyball tournament. There was something there but nothing happened. Angell will be giving the couple another chance as they will be in the second book and the primary focus.


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