No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

No Good Duke Goes UnpunishedTemple is known as the Killer Duke among society for the past twelve years. Society has shunned him for the violent act but Temple can’t remember that night. His answers will finally come to him when the woman he thought he murdered walks back into his life.

Mara Lowe has been in hiding for the past twelve years. She did not mean to ruin Temple but she had to find a way out of her situation. Now it turns out she needs the money her brother lost and the only solution is to go to Temple and ruin herself by coming back into society.

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished is the third book to Sarah MacLean’s series Rules of Scoundrels. Now although I loved the books from MacLean and I have been waiting for this book I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong this book had plenty of intrigue with what really happened that night, why it happened and what Mara was running from. It wasn’t the intrigue that left me bored, it was the unrealistic pairing of Mara and Temple. They were at each others throats for most of the book. Mara drugged Temple twice and left him ruined for twelve years. It seems unlikely that the pair would forgive and go straight into an intense passion filled relationship, but it happened nevertheless.

Still the writing was very well done and I kept reading from the first page to the last. What I thought was the best part of the book was the very end with the twist with Chase. I am looking forward to read all about Chase because MacLean drops a bombshell about this Fallen Angel that had me shocked. For three books I would have never guessed about Chase or perhaps I missed the clues that could have been there, but no matter as I am really excited to read the fourth book. The book doesn’t come until November of this year so I will have to find other books to read until then.


One thought on “No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

  1. Gayle, I was also surprised about Chase. I was wondering if I had missed something in the earlier books also.

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