Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord

Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a LordLord Nicholas was considered to be a catch among London and at first he liked the attention now he wanted to get away from it. Helping find the Duke of Leighton’s missing sister seemed perfect. He was not expecting to find a woman that vexed him to no end and then make him lust after the next moment.

Lady Isabel Townsend was used to taking care of everything in the household and has been doing that for years. Everyone relies on her and Isabel does not want to let them down. At first she thought Nick was a sign to help them but will find that he is there under false reasons. She has too much too lose if her secrets come out.

Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord is the second book to Love by Numbers series from Sarah MacLean. I have only read the first book of this series along with rereading the first book to get back in with the family St Johns.

The second book to me was just as good as the first and something that I wanted to keep reading. I thought Nick’s character was charming to a fault but it was almost a defense mechanism to hide what he had went through with his past. Isabel has a good heart and is determined never to marry or to love anyone. She is blindsided when it comes to Nick but it still takes the very end for her to trust. I liked that it was almost a role reversal where Nick was giving his love but was rejected by Isabel. It is usually the heroine that is being rejected by the rogue when feelings are coming out into the open. Love will conquer all when it comes to these two characters giving them a happy ending.

There were several side characters to the story but the one I liked best was Rock. He was a friend to Nick and was the one who saved him from the prison.

The third book is next with the brothers half sister Juliana who will be up against the Duke of Leighton.


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