Crystal Cove

Crystal CoveJustine Hoffman had never been in love. She will find the reason for her unlucky side of love was that she had a curse placed on her so she would never find love. For if a witch loved a man and that witch loved him back he would die. Justine didn’t know all the facts but was able to break the curse and will unleash a whole new set of problems.

Jason Black was here on the island for one reason and that was to find a witch, her key and her book. Jason will find that with Justine but he will find a problem with his need for the book as he starts to have feelings for her which makes his task a little more difficult.

Crystal Cove is the fourth book to the series Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas. Once again this was a book I couldn’t put down from the author. This book by far has the most magic which was very interesting to read about. The main element of the magic were witches. Justine was the main character who was a practicing witch. She is not fully trained but able to do magic. I liked that without tons of training she was able to break her own curse that she discovered was placed on her. This of course had consequences which leads her down to a whole new dilemma. Then there was Jason who was very different character as he had no soul. I have not read many books like that so it was interesting to read about him. He was devious but it was needed to get what he wanted. Between the two characters there was a lot of chemistry and it was amusing with the spell that Justine botched up but in the end everything worked out. Kleypas kept the ending with magic and a little surprise that gave Justine and Jason a chance at their own happy ending.

There is another book that is coming out this year. I don’t know who it will be about but one person I could see Kleypas writing about would be Priscilla because she is a witch as well. Until that time when Lightning Bay comes out I will be on the search for more books by Lisa Kleypas like her historical romances and the first book of Friday Harbor series.


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