Willow Springs

Willow SpringsAmy Bright wants love like her friends but so far that hasn’t happened. She was the towns matchmaker but didn’t have any luck for herself. She will now put an effort to getting Logan especially as he starts to look in other directions. She will end up getting his attention but now she will have to maintain it.

Logan Whitaker loved being a fireman but with a tragedy in the line of duty he felt broken. He needed a change from work and something more. He thought it was with Anna who suddenly appeared but he thoughts kept going towards his best friend Amy.

Willow Springs is the fifth book to the series Destiny by Toni Blake. I liked that this book was once again like the others with a chance at love, a first for both characters. Blake is telling a story with this series and Willow Springs is no exception. Love is no easy task and Blake makes it difficult for them throughout the book.

I loved Amy’s character. She was honest, good and nice but like every human she had her own flaws its just she didn’t show them. She shows them more as the book goes on with being more outspoken. It might get her into trouble but for once she is really letting go. Logan was a man who couldn’t make up his mind. I really did like him but it was hard to as he couldn’t commit and kept hurting Amy by chasing after Anna or letting him be pursued by her.

So I didn’t really like Anna. I think it is interesting to read that she came back and to hear at least somethings that had went on while she was gone. I didn’t like her because she was intruding on a relationship with Logan even though she saw him with Amy. She was soaking up the attention but then in her defense she went through something pretty dramatic. She does get better and I will read her story because I am sure she will be different.

I have to find the second book still now as well as the last book to the series at least it looks like to be the last. I am interested in reading Anna’s story even though I found her a little annoying in the fifth book as I mentioned above, but we now that characters change and I bet that the real Anna will show herself in her story.


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