Three Nights with a Scoundrel

Three Nights with a ScoundrelJulian Bellamy needed to find his best friends murderer while trying to make sure the woman he loves finds security in a marriage for her station in society. Julian knew that he was not the man for her. He had too many secrets and would never be of her station but he will find himself spending more time with Lily and falling harder for her.

Lily Chatwick had barely survived her twin brothers death but knew that if Julian would fall to his death she would not. She wanted to have Julian stop looking for her brothers murder and she knew the only way was ask him to help her find a potential husband, even thought the only husband she wanted was Julian.

Three Nights with a Scoundrel is the third and final book from Tessa Dare’s series Stud Club. This was a very good finish to the series and it wrapped up everything that needed to be said. Julian was a surprise to me with who he was and his childhood, not to mention what he was doing to make money. You felt for him and you wanted him to find happiness with Lily as he loved her without a doubt. Lily was a surprise as well as at how she was being deaf. It was part of her and she learned how to handle social situations without too much of a problem. I loved how Julian protected Lily but didn’t do it because he thought she was weak, he had a connection with deafness from his past. Now even though Julian was persistent with keeping his distance with Lily they do have a happy ending. The epilogue wrapped it up for all the main characters with a look into the future and how their families were growing.

It is interesting as the mystery does finally come to an end with who killed Leo and it is definitely wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. I liked the surprise of who Leo was in love with and what really happened that night which I really did not see coming. I liked that Dare’s novel left you guessing and actually surprised me with the events that happened.


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