One Dance with a Duke

One Dance with a DukeSpencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland, is blindsided that his friend was killed. He will wonder who the traitor is but also where the coin is now. Upon the murder Spencer will acquire a wife who intrigued him.

Lady Amelia d’Orsay was there at midnight to take a chance to help her brother out of a gambling debt. Her life will be turned upside down being rushed into a marriage to a man she knows hardly anything about.

One Dance with a Duke is the first book to Tessa Dare’s series Stud Club. The book was a very well written and entertaining which from reading her other books I really had no doubt I would like this novel.

Spencer was a very domineering man when it came to doing things his way. Obtaining a wife, a horse and doing what he wanted was done his way and his way only. This of course changes when he starts to feel more than lust for Amelia. He struggles the entire book in how to deal with things but for the most part he is trying to please her in his own way so he wasn’t all that bad. Now Amelia was one who was used to taking care of everyone, especially her brothers. She might have taken charge still but she was very much in doubt of herself. Throughout most of the book the two spent so much time bickering but there was a lot of passion that surrounded them.

There is an unknown villain in the book. The villain, who killed Leo the founding member of the Stud Club, I am sure will make their presence known someway within these next two books. There are no real clues only that someone who looked a lot like Julian Bellamy was seen with Leo. I am guessing that the villain will be related to Julian but I will have to see  with the other two books from the series Stud Club which I have next to read.


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