The Devil in Winter

The Devil in WinterEvangeline “Evie” Jenner had to find a way out of her guardians house so she could be with her father in his last few days. She will find a solution in marrying Viscount St Vincent as she knew he was desperate as well. Evie will find salvation but it will come at a price being married to this rogue.

Viscount St. Vincent  known as Sebastian to few needed an heiress and he had one when he kidnapped one but it went wrong. He will be surprised when her friend will come to his door and proposition him with marriage that he will accept shocking himself.

Devil in Winter is the third book to the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I was encouraged to read this book and I am glad that I did. Lisa Kleypas can write which I knew from reading one of her contemporary books and it shows in this one. I could not put the book down, I had to keep reading.

Kleypas weaves the tale of Sebastian and Evie well. She has Sebastian walking a fine line between good guy and bad which I found very entertaining. He showed his strength when it came to defending Evie when she was in danger and was a man you wanted to protect you. He was the man you also wanted to reform but not all the way because a little rake was a good thing especially in Sebastian. Evie was a very shy girl and stuttered when she was nervous but doesn’t do as much when she is around Sebastian. She grew up in an abusive family thanks to her mother’s side of the family, but she was not broken as she still fought back. She fights by alining herself with Sebastian which is a battle in itself. The passion between the two was unexpected but one that could not be ignored. Of course they do just that as they fight a lot and show a lot of indifference, but you know that there is love that is hiding under it all.

The villains are obviously Evie’s family on her mothers side but there are other dangers that are close to her as well. The danger will come from within the gambling hell. You don’t know how badly the person wanted Evie dead until the very end as the villain shows a lot of anger towards her.

I really liked the gaming club that is where most of the book took place. This kind of plot has been becoming more popular with some authors I have read and I think Kleypas did a good job. She wrote the atmosphere right that brought some danger and mystery to this club.

After reading this book I am itching to read more from Lisa Kleypas. I am on the waiting list for some of her contemporary novels that I want to read to finish up the Friday Harbor series. Now after reading this book I know that I have to find more of her historical romances.


One thought on “The Devil in Winter

  1. I knew you would like it. Be sure to read the rest of this series.:-)

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