The Duchess Diaries

The Duchess DiariesMiss Charlotte Boscastle has wanted Gideon for over a year and in her diary she created that fantasy that he would be overcome with love and lust for her. Charlotte’s reality was anything but that is until her diary goes missing after the Duke read several pages. By trying to recover the diary she will find herself compromised with Gideon and only a marriage will make the problem disappear.

Duke of Wynfield, Gideon, did not want to be marry again in fact he was off to claim a new mistress but it was the words in a diary from Charlotte that had him stopping. He will soon find Charlotte in his arms only to have her family finding them behind a closed door. The only thing he can do is marry her but soon he finds out that will not be such a hardship.

The Duchess Diaries is the third book from Jillian Hunter’s series Bridal Pleasures. From start to finish I kept reading this book. There was something about Gideon and Charlotte that kept me drawn towards them the entire time of the book. I want to read more from this series and from the other one, Boscastle Family, which is Charlotte’s cousins. Within the book you get to meet several members of the Boscastle and from these scenes I have a feeling I am going to like this family.

Gideon was a rogue and liked it that way. He was not a bad man just someone who had no desire to marry again. I liked that he was going for a mistress but after reading several pages from Charlotte’s diary he decided against the mistress. He was intrigued by Charlotte and no other women would do at that moment. Charlotte was a strict headmistress and she needed to be. I loved that she had another side to herself and that came out as she wrote in her diary. She would write the truth and then write her fantasy of what she wished had happened in that situation. It was interesting that her diary was stolen but it made sense why when you found out who hired the thief. The culprit was pretty easy to decipher but nevertheless it was an engaging story.

Jillian Hunter will be a new author I will be actively looking out for to finish up the Bridal Pleasures series and starting the Boscastle Family series which I am excited to read.

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