A Summer Seduction

A Summer SeductionDamaris Howard was an illegitimate daughter and looked down upon in society especially with her own scandal she created eleven years ago. Damaris will find herself being invited to a ball but her life will soon be threatened and she will be saved and swept away by the Earl of Rowden.

Alec Stafford, Earl of Rowden, sees Damaris in trouble and he does the noble thing and protect her from harm. It was a difficult task to keep her close as she tempted him with every glance.

A Summer Seduction is the second book of the series Legend of St. Dwynwen by Candace Camp. At first I thought this book was going to be a flop. I just couldn’t get into the story but as I read further I got caught up in the story, especially the characters of Damaris and Alec. They were an unlikely pair and would never work in society. They walked in together with the attraction both knowing that it would never work. That was never said but it was an unspoken truth especially as Damaris is an illegitimate daughter of a lord. I liked that their connection was not all fire and passion. Alec enjoyed talking to Damaris and they both talked about their pasts which at times was not very pleasant.

There was some danger that was thrown into the mix of things as someone was after Damaris. Alec immediately stepped up and would be the one to protect her from any danger. Now the person who hired these thugs was a mystery but I had a feeling about a certain person thinking that they might not be out of their lives. Damaris’s kidnapper will not have a happy ending like Damaris and Alec but that is the way with most villains.

I am intrigued to begin the series from the start where Gabe and Thea’s story will be told and then finish it up with Genevieve and Myles. Candace Camp could be another author to have me searching more of her books. I will see how my thoughts are once I find the other two books and finish off the series Legend of St. Dwynwen.

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