Seduce Me

Seduce MeJack Latham was a partner at his firm and was known to be the office hottie and ruthless in the court room. What he doesn’t let people know is his intrigue to Mallory. He will have a chance to get to know Mallory at a clients resort and find there is much more to this woman.

Mallory Sinclair was the only female associate in the firm. She worked hard and wanted to be a partner. She finds out that she will have to make a trip out with Jack who she has her own fantasies about but never would come forward, that is until they get to the resort. Mallory will show Jack she is not as frigid and cold as she comes off.

Seduce Me is a standalone novel from Carly Phillips. I liked the story as it was fast paced and had two characters who had a lot in common for not having the best childhood. It was enduring with what you learned within those few pages of the novel.

Now the book truly follows the title and the main character Mallory sets out to seduce and give a little lesson but she will be the one that will be seduced as well. There are plenty of steamy scenes of passion and teasing but I kept wondering when their job would be coming into play with them being lawyers. Of course their jobs are there as they try to get to the bottom of which spouse was cheating and what leverage they could use.

I liked that in the book the lawyers do change and become more than people who would do whatever they could to help their client. The ending gives us a fairy tale ending that will have you smiling that Jack and Mallory got it right.


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