BurnAsh McIntyre had felt in a funk as his best friends have found women that completed them. Ash will be finding a new interest in Josie who promotes a new sense of lust that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Josie was just drawing in the park when she will meet a man that will question everything that she thought she wanted. She will take a chance and find a new life style that compels her to become more with Ash.

Burn is the third book from the Breathless series from Maya Banks. The third installment was another very steamy, very illicit sex with the two main characters Ash and Josie.

It was interesting that Josie was already in a similar relationship that Ash was suggesting except that what she had with Michael was false. I liked that Josie found herself with Ash but it was not easy especially when Ash wasn’t being exactly truthful with a few things, nothing too bad. Ash you find a different side to in the book. He is still very charming and laid back but there is an intensity that hadn’t been there in the previous books.

There will be a villain in the book that will come back from the first book and want revenge on these men and their women. Josie will take the fall as she will be severally beaten by the person. Now these books have never been with a context that is easy as emotions run high with these powerful men but Banks will show how dysfunctional Ash’s family really is especially his mother.

With the Breathless series done I will have to find a new series to read from Maya Banks or a novel.


FeverJace Crestwell knew what he wanted in bed but when he finds Bethany it all changes. He will become obsessed with this woman and will put his friendship with Ash in jeopardy to keep Bethany all to himself.

Bethany has had a hard life. After she has a night she wouldn’t forget she figured she would never see Jace again but he will be there to help and to find a way to keep her close. Bethany will not fight the attraction and find herself submitting fully to Jace.

Fever is the second book to the Breathless series from Maya Banks. I started out with the first book and I really loved the story that went along with the characters and of course the sex that happened every time they were together. Banks gets even more detailed and goes further with pain and pleasure that Jace is into.

Now I really liked Jace even though he was a very controlling man. Banks will be writing about Jace and Ash who are frequent to have threesomes with a women but Bethany is different. I think Jace is an idiot for going through with the threesome because he felt for Bethany, but it will happen regardless and it will get steamy. The book doesn’t stop because the threesomes do as Jace and Bethany will keep going and find love in the process. Bethany’s character was helpless but found her voice and does use it when the time is right. She is very caring and very easily led down the path of being submissive with Jace.

One thing that I really like about the series is the covers. There are no half naked women or men on the cover. This is a book I can take out in public and no one will know what I am reading. In my book club we all love these books secretly as we don’t want to advertise what we are reading to the public. I will still try out the books with those covers but they might be angled towards my lap so the cover stays hidden.

The last book for the series is with Ash in Burn.


RushGabe Hamilton had been burned by love and will not have his personal life displayed in the press. Now he makes sure that the women he sees know exactly what they are getting into with a contract. Gabe will use the same contract on Mia who he has fantasied over the last several years.

Mia Crestwell has wanted Gabe since she was sixteen years old but with fourteen years between them she was always seen as Jace’s little sister. Mia will take the step she needs to do and agree to the contract. She will bend towards Gabe’s will and walk down the forbidden path with him.

Rush is the first book to the Breathless series from Maya Banks. I have seen the books around but I was waiting until the third book was available to start reading the series. I have all three now in my possession so I figured I would give the series a try. Now going into the series I knew there would be a lot of sex because Banks books tend to follow down that route, and I was right. Rush was filled with desire, sex, rough sex and some bondage so I would definitely categorize this erotic romance.

I really liked the book and found myself not wanting to put it down. The character of Mia was naive but very sweet and had desires like any normal woman. It was just that she didn’t know what she was stepping into with Gabe. I liked that she agreed to the contract but that she also was strong enough when it needed to be over. Now the character of Gabe grabbed me. He was so different from other characters I have read and I was drawn to him. He has his flaws and obvious kinks in the bedroom. I loved that he matched well with Mia. I thought it was creative with the contract but knew that it was going to be a problem down the road. There are several other little obstacles and one of them comes down to assault but I am happy to see that the person got a beating. There was a point which I didn’t think they would get their happy ending but a happy ending will take place for this couple.

Jace’s story is next in Fever.

To Desire a Devil

To Desire a DevilReynaud St. Aubyn has been tortured and captured seven years ago. He is free and determined to get back his life that was taken from him. Reynaud will be sidetracked when he meets Beatrice who he will make his and his alone.

Beatrice Corning lived with her Uncle who was had been given a title but now it looks to be taken away as the man who was thought to be dead was alive. Beatrice has gazed at Reynaud’s portrait when he was a young man but seeing him in person she will see that much has changed.

To Desire a Devil is the fourth and final book from the Legends of the Four Soldiers series by Elizabeth Hoyt. This was once again a very enjoyable book to the engaging series. What I liked about this book was that Hoyt throws in a twist with Reynaud showing up. He was not dead as everyone thought he was for seven years.

So the character of Reynaud was a little too demanding when it came to Beatrice but Hoyt does a good job at writing him to be a very gruff, broken man. Hoyt goes into what he went through over those years as he tells Beatrice of his past which was brutal. Beatrice becomes a little wild when it came to Reynaud but she was also very brave and determined in her convictions. Both of the characters were committed to their beliefs and desires.

The nice thing about this being the last book I knew there would be a conclusion for this mystery of who betrayed the soldiers. I wasn’t expecting the person who betrayed them but it was fitting and Hoyt explains the motives well leaving us to have a perfect ending for all of the soldiers.

To Beguile a Beast

To Beguile a BeastSir Alistair Munroe lives in his castle in solitude. His life will be turned upside down when a woman and her children storm his castle. Alistair will be reluctant to have them stay but will let them. He will start to find something to live for after all that he has suffered.

Helen Fitzwilliam has lived a life that has drained her over the years. She lives as a prisoner and finally takes the chance to get away. She will get a job as a housekeeper in Scotland to an impossible man. He will be scarred but Helen will see that he is not the beast he portrays.

To Beguile a Beast is the third book to Legend of the Four Soldiers from Elizabeth Hoyt. I started this book in the early afternoon and I kept at it until the last page. I was easily brought into the story with Helen and Alistair and found myself enjoying their story.

With the characters you learn more and more about them as the story goes on. I wanted Helen to find happiness and get away from the controlling Duke. Her kids were a cute touch in the book giving Alistair a chance to become friendlier and not so voided of emotions. Helen was out of her element but became more resourceful and stronger. Alistair makes a dramatic change as well with becoming more lighthearted with the kids and Helen but he is still a man scared to go out into public because of his appearance. The interesting thing was his injury took place at the battle where Vale and Samuel were and who are still looking for the traitor. Hopefully the fourth book will have answers of the betrayal.

The villain is clearly the Duke of Lister who wants nothing but to get back what he wanted. There is no great battle between the hero or the villain, more like the hero being clever enough to out smart the villain.

The next book isĀ To Desire a Devil which is the fourth and final book of the series.

To Seduce a Sinner

To Seduce a sinnerMelisande Fleming has loved Lord Vale for six years but he has never noticed her. Now is her chance to be married to the man. Melisande though will be getting more in this marriage than she thought as her husband will be trying to uncover secrets.

Lord Vale has been jilted by a couple fiances now but he will be pleasantly surprised with Melisande. He will find everything he wants in a wife but he will be reluctant to share all his secrets with her.

To Seduce a Sinner is the second book to Legend of the Four Soldiers by Elizabeth Hoyt. I started with the first book and really was able to drive right into the story. The same can be said for the second book but I will say I liked the first one a little better.

Now Melisande and Vale’s story was very good and well written. I liked that you saw a different side of Vale than just the man that always had a smile on his face no matter what. Vale was on the secretive side and it was interesting to find out more on this battle. I liked Melisande who had two sides of her as well, in fact both of them were on the secretive side. Melisande was secretive because of indiscretion which resulted in a betrayal. She was not the same after that but she found that love could still happen only that she had to guard her heart. Together they make it work once all is put out in the open.

So it appears that the villain from the first book is not the ultimate traitor or at least the story is not yet over. There is some danger that arises but it will not be over. I’m assuming that Hoyt will be taking the mystery of the battle to the fourth and final book of the series so hopefully we will be able to get some concrete answers on what happened.

To Beguile a Beast is next with Sir Alistair Munroe and Helen Fitzwilliam.

To Taste Temptation

To Taste TemptationLady Emeline Gordon is a sophisticated lady who has married for love and will never do so again. She will be soon swept into a scheme with her neighbor and help his sister only to find out what this man really wanted.

Samuel Hartley is a wealthy American coming to London for only a time. He wants his sister to be introduced and will ask Lady Emeline to help. Samuel did not pick Lady Emeline randomly as she is the brother of a Captain who had been killed. Samuel is on the quest to find out who betrayed them on that battle.

To Taste Temptation is the first book to the Legend of the Four Soldiers from Elizabeth Hoyt. I picked up all four books so they will be back to back reading.

This book wasn’t as dark as the Maiden Lane series but there were dark elements with the war and Samuel’s character. He was a rough American and not the normal English gentleman that circulated London. I liked that he doesn’t care what others think about him, his sister is a different story. Samuel has a raw passion when it comes to Lady Emeline. He is not the gentleman she is used to being around. Lady Emeline had more depth than she let on. She is a widow and would never marry for love again only to be brokenhearted when he died. I also liked that she did not want to let go of her son and send him off to school, it was sweet and uncharacteristically of the ton.

Hoyt keeps Lady Emeline and Samuel almost at odds but keeps the tension between them with no thought of stopping. The ending will have the love and romance win out and give the couple a chance.

The villain I pretty much had thought of but there is a little twist when it comes down to this person. Hoyt writes out the clues and it is fairly easy to figure out but it is still fun following plot.

To Seduce a Sinner is next on my pile and is the second book with Vale and Melisande which I am excited to read about. Melisande will be the woman to finally get Vale.