Big Sky Mountain

Big Sky MountainHutch Carmody is coping with a new relationship with his half brother, running the ranch and discovering that he still wanted to be with Kendra. He will keep by her and find more reasons to stay close.

Kendra Shepherd was back with now her four year old adopted daughter of her ex husband. She would keep her daughter close and start a new life with her but she didn’t expect that it would include Hutch.

Big Sky Mountain is the second book to the series Parable, Mountana from Linda Lael Miller. This was a sweet book of second chances for the two main characters.

Hutch was a cowboy who grew up to be a better man. He is kind and loving but doesn’t always see things for what they are. I liked that he was relentless when it came to pursuing Kendra after he no longer was too be married to the woman he didn’t love. Kendra is sweet and a loving woman and now mother. She is a strong woman and tries to resist the attraction that is still there. It takes a while for them to realize that life together would be better than apart. I found it interesting that both characters were willing to marry people they didn’t love. Kendra actually makes that step and had married the man she did not love, but it will work out in the end especially now she has the chance at happiness again.

Within the story there are several other stories that are being told and all those characters will have their own story. Casey and Walker’s seem a little strange which is the fourth book. First though I will be reading the third book, Big Sky River, with Sheriff Boone and Tara.

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