FeverJace Crestwell knew what he wanted in bed but when he finds Bethany it all changes. He will become obsessed with this woman and will put his friendship with Ash in jeopardy to keep Bethany all to himself.

Bethany has had a hard life. After she has a night she wouldn’t forget she figured she would never see Jace again but he will be there to help and to find a way to keep her close. Bethany will not fight the attraction and find herself submitting fully to Jace.

Fever is the second book to the Breathless series from Maya Banks. I started out with the first book and I really loved the story that went along with the characters and of course the sex that happened every time they were together. Banks gets even more detailed and goes further with pain and pleasure that Jace is into.

Now I really liked Jace even though he was a very controlling man. Banks will be writing about Jace and Ash who are frequent to have threesomes with a women but Bethany is different. I think Jace is an idiot for going through with the threesome because he felt for Bethany, but it will happen regardless and it will get steamy. The book doesn’t stop because the threesomes do as Jace and Bethany will keep going and find love in the process. Bethany’s character was helpless but found her voice and does use it when the time is right. She is very caring and very easily led down the path of being submissive with Jace.

One thing that I really like about the series is the covers. There are no half naked women or men on the cover. This is a book I can take out in public and no one will know what I am reading. In my book club we all love these books secretly as we don’t want to advertise what we are reading to the public. I will still try out the books with those covers but they might be angled towards my lap so the cover stays hidden.

The last book for the series is with Ash in Burn.


2 thoughts on “Fever

  1. I haven’t read Maya Banks in a few years, but I may have to give this series a try. As for hiding book covers in public, well…you are never safe from nosy me. I always(can’t resist) ask people what they are reading and then want them to discuss it with me. I know, I’m a regular PITA.

    • The series is so far really good. She writes her steamy scenes with lots of description. So I have now been warned :)…but being inquisitive about what people are reading can be good especially to discover new authors.

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