To Beguile a Beast

To Beguile a BeastSir Alistair Munroe lives in his castle in solitude. His life will be turned upside down when a woman and her children storm his castle. Alistair will be reluctant to have them stay but will let them. He will start to find something to live for after all that he has suffered.

Helen Fitzwilliam has lived a life that has drained her over the years. She lives as a prisoner and finally takes the chance to get away. She will get a job as a housekeeper in Scotland to an impossible man. He will be scarred but Helen will see that he is not the beast he portrays.

To Beguile a Beast is the third book to Legend of the Four Soldiers from Elizabeth Hoyt. I started this book in the early afternoon and I kept at it until the last page. I was easily brought into the story with Helen and Alistair and found myself enjoying their story.

With the characters you learn more and more about them as the story goes on. I wanted Helen to find happiness and get away from the controlling Duke. Her kids were a cute touch in the book giving Alistair a chance to become friendlier and not so voided of emotions. Helen was out of her element but became more resourceful and stronger. Alistair makes a dramatic change as well with becoming more lighthearted with the kids and Helen but he is still a man scared to go out into public because of his appearance. The interesting thing was his injury took place at the battle where Vale and Samuel were and who are still looking for the traitor. Hopefully the fourth book will have answers of the betrayal.

The villain is clearly the Duke of Lister who wants nothing but to get back what he wanted. There is no great battle between the hero or the villain, more like the hero being clever enough to out smart the villain.

The next book is To Desire a Devil which is the fourth and final book of the series.


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