To Seduce a Sinner

To Seduce a sinnerMelisande Fleming has loved Lord Vale for six years but he has never noticed her. Now is her chance to be married to the man. Melisande though will be getting more in this marriage than she thought as her husband will be trying to uncover secrets.

Lord Vale has been jilted by a couple fiances now but he will be pleasantly surprised with Melisande. He will find everything he wants in a wife but he will be reluctant to share all his secrets with her.

To Seduce a Sinner is the second book to Legend of the Four Soldiers by Elizabeth Hoyt. I started with the first book and really was able to drive right into the story. The same can be said for the second book but I will say I liked the first one a little better.

Now Melisande and Vale’s story was very good and well written. I liked that you saw a different side of Vale than just the man that always had a smile on his face no matter what. Vale was on the secretive side and it was interesting to find out more on this battle. I liked Melisande who had two sides of her as well, in fact both of them were on the secretive side. Melisande was secretive because of indiscretion which resulted in a betrayal. She was not the same after that but she found that love could still happen only that she had to guard her heart. Together they make it work once all is put out in the open.

So it appears that the villain from the first book is not the ultimate traitor or at least the story is not yet over. There is some danger that arises but it will not be over. I’m assuming that Hoyt will be taking the mystery of the battle to the fourth and final book of the series so hopefully we will be able to get some concrete answers on what happened.

To Beguile a Beast is next with Sir Alistair Munroe and Helen Fitzwilliam.


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