A Kiss to Remember

A kiss to rememberSterling Harlow, seventh duke of Devonbrooke, was coming back home to reclaim his home. He will have trouble reaching it and will soon wake up not knowing who he is anymore. Sterling will be helped by Laura his supposed fiancee.

Laura Fairleigh needed to marry soon otherwise she would lose the manor. Helping the man who had no idea who he was seemed perfect for Laura that is until he remembered who he was.

A Kiss to Remember is the first book to the Fairleigh Sisters series. I only have read two book from Teresa Medeiros which were both very good. Now those two were on the supernatural side whereas this one is regency romance. There is an element of the mothers spirit but that is it on the supernatural.

I liked the story and even though the amnesia plot has been done before I thought it was well written. Medeiros writes the Duke to be a hard man but she redeems him when he starts to reform even after the amnesia wears off. He doesn’t change completely over night but it is a fast change. Laura is a resourceful girl who will do anything to protect her family. Now she does lie to the Duke so she is at fault but I do like she prevails anyway. She becomes stronger and I do like that when the time comes she makes the decision she needs. This of course will bring that happy ending you hoped.

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