To Pleasure a Duke

To Pleasure a DukeSinclair St. John, Duke of Somerton, is expected to marry someday and that day is not today even though he meets a woman who had him lusting after her. Sinclair wants Eugenie as his mistress as he knows she is not to be his duchess since she is of a lower class but circumstances will bring them together.

Eugenie Belmont lived in a chaotic household but they were her family. She has an objective to marry well even though she knows it is impossible especially as she said she was going after the Duke of Somerton. Eugenie will find herself in way over her head as things start to spiral out of control.

To Pleasure a Duke is the third book to Husband Hunters Club by Sara Bennett. So first off I did like the book but I wasn’t sure if I would. The story was good but it was Sinclair that I wasn’t sure about. His character was a little annoying at times but he does get better throughout the book. He seemed a little too upper class which made sense but I didn’t like it when he was with Eugenie. Then it gets better and he shows more of the man he truly is with his painting. I liked Eugenie and how she knew her quest was impossible to get married but I loved it more when she did not take the offer of becoming his mistress. Of course she still couldn’t resist him for most of the book. They do get it right at the end but it still takes a little persuasion.

I have a feeling I will be coming back to more with the series Husband Hunters Club.


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