Not Even If You Begged

No even if you beggedTraci Evans did not trust men thanks to her husband who died while cheating on her. Things will start to change when her neighbors adult son start to change her mind.

Ryan Gilmore wanted his mothers neighbor but she kept rejecting him. He will start getting her attention and sparks will fly but he will have to convince her that they are good together.

Not Even If You Begged was a book I picked up from Francis Ray. This is the fourth book to the series Invincible Women which of course I didn’t know at the time of reading the book. There are some characters like Justine and Brianna and I wonder if their story was before in the series but really this could have been read as a stand alone novel. This was a good book to read with some humor of the women from the club and there were certainly plenty of steamy scenes with the two couples that were part of the book.

What I liked about the book was that it was uplifting for these women to find love. For Traci it was to find love in the first place and for Maureen who finds it again. I liked that both these women were the focal point, Traci perhaps a little more. It could have been told with just one of the characters but with the two of them it gave a little more.

I liked Traci’s spitfire attitude but she leaves her heart out of relationships after being with Dante. It takes Ryan, a younger man, to get her to love again and to trust a man again. The story turns when a stalker is brought into the situation which is a little scary with how crazy she appears in the book. Maureen was a women who had loved but was finding it again with a man, Simon, who was ten years younger. The book was written realistically I thought with the problems these women felt who had loved and lost, and how they started to try again by living their lives.

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