Run To You

Run to YouStella Leon has had a rocky path and it wasn’t getting any better with her boss being punched out by a stranger who wants to talk to her. Stella will find out from him that her half sister wants to meet.

Beau Junger was doing a favor for his friend’s fiance to find her half sister. He never expected to be dragged into a mess that was created with him punching out her boss. The problems will not end there as he will be nothing but tempted on the ride to Texas.

Run To You is a one of Rachel Gibson’s novels that is not part of a series but I found out that it is with Sadie who is in her own book, Rescue Me, which is in my pile of books to read. This is the first time I picked up a book from Rachel Gibson and I really liked this book. I thought it was cute and had that southern hospitality that Sadie portrayed well as the story took place in Texas. After reading some of the story with Sadie I am looking forward to reading her story.

Now the character of Stella was a firecracker on the outside but she was not that brave. She gets braver throughout the book and takes that step needed to be braver. This will be possible with Beau and of course Sadie welcoming her with open arms. I liked Beau who seemed angry all the time when he was with Stella, it was of course to keep distance between him and Stella. That distance quickly disappears and the sexual tension that had been constant between them turns steamy when they give in to each other.

The brother aspect was interesting to read. There was a lot of hostility along with teasing but there is still that affection between them. It was sweet at the end with Beau helping out Blake. Then there was the danger that was in the beginning of the book and was gone that is until the very end, but all ended as it should.

Rescue Me will be the next book I will read from Rachel Gibson when I get to that point in my pile of books.

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