Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most WantedGenevieve McInnis is no longer the woman she was when she left a year ago. She will find salvation as she will be freed by another clan but it will not be easy to get away. She will be kept there by Bowen who will give her a chance to have a normal life than the one she had been given the past year.

Bowen Montgomery came to the opposing clan expecting a fight but most men have fled along with their leader. He will help the ones that were left behind but will mostly concentrate on Genevieve who needs to have a champion after all that has happened.

Highlander Most Wanted is the second book to Montgomerys and Armstrongs. Maya Banks follows up right after the first book with Genevieve and Bowen’s characters meeting at McHugh’s land where Ian is dead and Patrick has fled. As a sequel this was a great follow up story. As before I was pulled into the story, perhaps not as fast but still quickly enough and I stayed entertained throughout the book.

Genevieve was one who had a brutal past year as she was taken against her will and was used by Ian over and over. No one dared stopped the treatment but the torment stops when Ian is killed. There is a surprise that shows she was part of Eveline abduction but things are explained and she is not the villain. Although from all that you learned there was little doubt she was a villain for even a second. Now with all the ill treatment you will smile when she discovers true happiness in the arms of Bowen. Bowen seems like a harden warrior but he falls hard for Genevieve the moment he sees her, scar and all. I liked that when he found out the news at what she had done there was not complete judgement. He looked at the situation and then asked the rest of the story from her.

The villain is Patrick who ran away in the beginning but he wouldn’t be forgotten. The other villains of the book are his clan members who shunned Genevieve as a person but all will be rectified at the end.

A complete happy ending did not happen right away but at the very end of the book Genevieve and Bowen would have that perfect ending they deserved.

Can’t wait to read the next book. It will be with Brodie and Taliesan unfortunately it wouldn’t be out until November which is a long time away but there are always more books to read.

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