Honey Pie

Honey PieHoney D’Amourvell was coming to this small town to claim the building that was given to her from her Aunts ‘Will’. There is a legal problem that follows and the building is being leased to a cupcake shop. Disheartened Honey doesn’t know what to do as all the legal information was done right. She will find help from the local mechanic who she can’t get enough of.

Dylan Ross is the mechanic from this small town. He will see Honey and know that she is too much too handle but he will take the chance. Though it will not be easy for himself or for Honey.

Honey Pie is the fourth book from Cupcake Club series by Donna Kauffman. As the previous books Kauffman writes a cute book that has a little more of a sizzle that is created by our two main characters.

Honey was out of luck as things started to unravel around her. You felt bad for her but it wasn’t as if anything underhandedly happened. What helps her realize her dream is having Dylan around. It might not have been easy but he was someone who took on the problem and helped. It was sweet he found an alternative spot that would give Honey what she wanted. Although sweet is not always the only emotion around them as it is also lust and passion which sizzles between them from the very first moment they see each other.

I liked this series so far and wonder if it will continue or not. If it does I will read more of it otherwise it was a cute series to read.


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