BabycakesKit Bellamy had to start over from scratch thanks to her brother in law and sister as they took the family owned pie shop. Kit moved to a small town and will encounter more than she hoped with new friends, a new way to live and a relationship she didn’t think would happen.

Morgan Westlake was prepared to be an uncle but not a parent of his niece as hers were gone. Morgan will move to a small town where Lilly’s maternal grandmother lived in hopes to give his niece a new way of living away from his stuck up family. Morgan will find his niece growing out of her shell and will also find himself giving into a relationship that will have him falling in love.

Babycakes is the third book from the Cupcake Club series by Donna Kauffman. This is another cute book from the series that is very sweet and full of second chances.

Kit is an enduring character that makes you want to cheer for her to have that happy ending she desires. Her background story is interesting with the betrayal of her sister and her brother in law. Its a slimy move but Kit becomes stronger when she moves to Sugarberry and finds what she was missing. Now Morgan comes from wealth but he does not live with it. I liked that he did not take his family’s money and did not work for them, he went on his own way as a lawyer that did good and not just for money.

The chemistry between the two characters does sizzle as like all of Kauffman’s characters. Things do not heat up until they can trust each other and having Lilly around helps bring them closer a lot quicker.

The fourth book is Honey Pie. I am not sure if this is the last book of the series but it is the last one that is available.


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