Sweet Stuff

Sweet StuffRiley Brown left the busy life of Chicago to a quiet town in Georgia. Riley missed being a food stylist but she needed to leave the city. She will find new friends and a new way to live. She will be torn when a new relationship becomes possible with a writer but she will take the jump.

Quinn Brannigan needed to finish his novel in peace and chose this quiet town. He never expected to be tempted by this woman who kept being a klutz around him.

Sweet Stuff is the second book to the Cupcake Club series from Donna Kauffman. This was another cute book from the series. First off you have the desserts still playing a factor in the story but then with the added lovable giant dog you can’t go wrong.

I instantly liked Riley as I thought she was written like a real person. When you got to know more about her story and what happened with her ex-fiancee you wanted to punch him hard, but the fact that she found happiness gave the book an extra sweet ending. Now Quinn is a mystery writer who you want to without a doubt cuddle up with as he is sweet and considerate especially when it comes to Riley. He even likes the big dog Brutus. It was cute that he kept being stealthy around Riley or she was just too energized to not notice her surrounding. Now their relationship starts off a little shaky but its nothing but fireworks when they accept each other fully. This is more for Riley who gives herself a chance to love again.

The next book is Babycakes which is the third book from the Cupcake Club series.

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