Sweet Trouble

Sweet TroubleJesse Keyes had been away for five years. She had changed a lot but she turned back to that scared girl when facing the man she once loved and to the sister who hates her. Jesse will take the chance to reconnect and will find feelings for Matt were still there and not leaving anytime.

Matt Fenner had grown a lot in the last five years. He was colder and avoided any attachments. Now he will find he had a son all this time and his need for revenge against the mother will know no bounds. Matt will be consumed with revenge only to find that he will find out love for her was still there.

Sweet Trouble is the third and last book to Keyes Sisters series by Susan Mallery. After reading the two previous book I was waiting to find out how Jesse will fair. Mallery gives a back story with her and Matt which was interesting how they had evolved into a couple. It was heartbreaking to know what was going to happen to them. I was happy that Nicole finally does forgive and there is clarity with the sisters. It was nice to see that Jesse had grown up and had done something with her life. She wasn’t that scared kid anymore and was determined at least when she wasn’t facing down her sister or her ex.  Now Matt was a sweet man who was now scorned with rage and wanted revenge. You wanted him to take the chance to really connect and be with Jesse and Gabe but life is never that easy. It was interesting to read how he progressed from his revenge to acceptance.

All the side characters were great. I liked Matt’s mom who gave acceptance to Jesse right away. She was a person to stand in Jesse’s corner when the time was needed. Gabe, the four year old, was precious and gave Matt and Jesse the chance to even open up to the possibility to have a relationship once again.

Now the book had its up and downs throughout most of the pages. It was predictable because you knew exactly what would happen when Matt got a conscious. It would be too late but I liked that he did not give up. I sat there wondering if Jesse was being overly harsh but from her point of view he was trying to take away her son so she had a right to be furious. A happy ending does happen but it was one to be earned. Matt had to grovel and Jesse had to forgive. They both had to let go of the past.

After reading the Keyes Sisters series I wanted to read more from Susan Mallery but for right now I am taking a break from her and moving onto Donna Kauffman whom I have read before.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Trouble

  1. I haven’t had a comment on the Mallery series because I have not read any of her books. I tried to get into Contemporary Romances last year(2013) but either they don’t really appeal to me or I read the wrong authors. Either way I’ve pretty much decided to limit my Contemporary reading, for awhile anyway. Gayle, are you more likely to like historical romance or contemporary romance?

    • I tend to go towards historical romance if I want my romance novels Dot. With contemporary romances you have to keep trying for one to work. I might even go more for paranormal romances than historical because of my love for the supernatural.

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