Christmas on 4th Street

Christmas on 4th StreetNoelle Perkins wanted to live life. She wanted to make the Christmas Attic work and find a man she could share her life with. It seemed she was not to be lucky that was until she encountered Gabriel, Gideon’s brother, who will be helping her at her store for the season but quickly feelings will start to form at least for Noelle.

Gabriel Boylan needed a break from all the work he had done. He was looking forward to seeing his brother but not his father as he was the person who forced him into the military. Gabriel will find himself again as he spends time with Noelle but he knows that he is leaving after Christmas.

Christmas on 4th Street is the fourteenth book of Susan Mallery’s series Fool’s Gold. After reading the previous books this one took a different spin being a milder passion but lots of sentimental heartwarming feelings. It felt on the verge of a little too sentimental but being that it was on Christmas it was appropriate.

The characters of Noelle and Gabriel were both a little lost, Gabriel more so, but they were both healing. Noelle was so happy at all times so it was interesting to read what had happened to her a couple years ago. Her tragedy explained her need to live life her way. Gabriel was a man who didn’t know what he wanted anymore. There was a constant battle between him and his father. It was sweet that everything does get patched up in the end, maybe a little too quickly but it brought us to that happy ending.

After reading Christmas on 4th Street I decided to go to a different series of Susan Mallery since this looks like the last book that is until the next is published. I checked out all three books from the series Keyes Sisters and since it is only three books I don’t have to wait for any of them.


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