Three Little Words

Three Little WordsIsabel Beebe was back in Fool’s Gold but only for a short time to help out in the store and get a little more money. She had plans to go back to New York and start a store. Isabel was not prepared for Ford to be living in the rental above her or having a chance to explore those feelings that had never left.

Ford Hendrix was back in his home town and not looking forward to his mother and her ways of trying to find him a date. Ford will ask Isabel for help on being his fake girlfriend. Soon things will start to heat up but when a relationship starts to form Ford wants to run as he is not ready.

Three Little Words is the thirteenth book from Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series. I had been waiting to read this book as from the others Ford’s name had been mentioned. I was surprised as it was split up with his brother Kent who was another main character. Back to Ford he was one you wanted to have your back and one in your bed as he was no slouch. He was a dangerous man who was adjusting to civilian life and was not doing the best he could. I liked that it took Isabel to help him open up and have a relationship even if it was pretend. Now Isabel was the girl you wanted to have that happy ending with Ford. She kept getting stepped over for different possibilities. A happy ending does happen but it will take a person to nudge Ford into the right direction.

The other main characters were Kent and Consuelo. Kent was mentioned earlier in the series like his brother but it was now that we really got to know him. Consuelo we learned about in the last book but once again you learn more detail about her. They are complete opposites which works for them. Consuelo seemed very real with her intense background and trouble getting back to normal. Kent might not have been perfect with muscles but he was real.

So between the two couples written into this book there is a lot of steamy sex and lots of sexual tension. Ford is proficient with his strategy with Isabel in the bedroom. Kent and Consuelo are pretty much the same when written about.

There is a sappy but well meaning ending that wraps up everything perfectly. I am used to these endings since starting the series but I also like them. I want my hero and heroine to have a happy ending because throughout the book they punish themselves with all their own tragedies they have to conquer.

Christmas on 4th Street is next on my pile to read.


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