Two of a Kind

Two of a KindFelicia Swift wanted a new start with Fool’s Gold. She wanted to be normal as she was considered a freak because she was very smart. Felicia will hear that Gideon was back and before she knew it they started back up but she knew he was not going to want a relationship. She still found herself staying with him.

Gideon Boylan was in Fool’s Gold to act like everyone else but he knew he was not like everyone else in the town. Gideon will be surprised to see Felicia showing up and the sparks that flew four years ago were still igniting. He knew she was looking for the forever kind of guy and as he was not that guy he should stay away but he could not take his own advice.

Two of a Kind is Susan Mallery’s twelfth book from the series Fool’s Gold which I can’t get enough of since I started. Mallery is on a role with these strong men from the Black Ops who have now come into town. Felicia is part of the team but for reasons that she is very smart on a genius level. I loved Felicia. She seemed so authentic with how she was written in the book like her dialogue or the actions she takes. Then there is Gideon who is a broken man from two years of torture. He was the hero that you wanted to hold and tell that everything would get better. You hoped from the start that Felicia and Gideon would be together but it was not an easy transition and it almost did not happen.

I liked the added surprise of Carter who showed up. Carter is Gideon’s son who gives his dad a surprise especially as Gideon did not know about him. Carter brings in a sense of normalcy for Felicia and Gideon. I liked that Mallery writes Carter to be similar to his dad with a sense of loss plus the nightmares he has.

With Fool’s Gold series Susan Mallery keeps bringing up the characters from past books which is nice. You also have a feeling that you know which character will be a couple just from the subtle clues, which I actually don’t mind because she creates the books to be well rounded and ones you want to curl up and just read. I have the next two books in my pile so Three Little Words is next to read.


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