StardustTristran Thorn desires the woman he loves, Victoria but she does not share those feelings. He goes on a journey over the Wall to prove his love and bring back the fallen star they both had witnessed. Tristran will travel over the Wall but will discover much more on his journey to the fallen star.

Stardust is a novel written by Neil Gaiman. When first hearing this title it was when the movie premiered. I saw the movie in the theater and soon after it came to DVD I bought it. The movie was in my opinion fun with a good amount of humor and adventure. I was told about the book from my cousin and then I happened to find it at a book sale. I figured since I loved the movie I would most likely love the book.

So I tried the book and it was good. I was thrown by the added facts that the movie definitely did not include from the book. Tristran had a sister and a mother (stepmother). At the end Victoria wasn’t as bad and the ending for Yvaine and Tristran was a little different. Those are to just name a few, but with the difference this was still a good fantasy genre book that was inventive and fun to read.


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