What the Bride Wore

What the Bride WoreGrant Benton, Earl of Crowle, has lost all that was his thanks to his father. Grant swore he would get it back and for the last five years he had been working for just that. He will be denied when the five years up and is left with nothing. He will have to find what is the next step which starts with Lady Irene

Lady Irene likes working at the bridal shop. It gives her a purpose and her comfortable life will be getting shaken up when Grant comes into her life. She will find herself waking up from her mourning but there will be a danger that lurks them and they did not know who the person was after.

What the Bride Wore is the third book from Jade Lee’s series Bridal Favors. I as once again brought into the book very easily. Jade Lee weaves a tale that will have you following from start to finish.

As with the other two books before Lee writes about social classes and Grant and Irene follow in that tradition but their relationship is not that unreasonable. Irene is scared about losing another husband which makes her reluctant to commit herself to Grant. I did like that her character stayed consistent throughout the book and she would not give up what she loved. Now Grant was an interesting character. He was a glutton for punishment for needing to prove himself and get back what was lost. I liked that he was trying but at times it felt like he had not learned from his mistakes. Of course he did and he got over his fears or being ashamed of working for a living. Grant felt real like a aristocratic man from that time.

There is the attack that leaves the reader wondering if the person was attacking Irene or Grant. The attacker is found towards the end of the story and everything is explained why the attack even happened.

I found myself sitting down and just reading the story. Of course now that I am done I have to wait for Wendy’s story but there are some novellas from the series which I can read from the series.


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