Duke of Midnight

Duke of MidnightArtemis Greaves was a companion to her cousin but what occupied her thoughts was her twin brother who was locked up. She will find herself distracted by a certain duke who will be more than he lets on to the public. She will use the knowledge to free her brother but will get more than she bargained for.

Duke of Wakefield, Maximus Batten, was looking for a wife that would fit his title. He finds the perfect one but it is her cousin that has his attention even as she is blackmailing him. Maximus will fight the blackmail but will soon get sucked into helping Artemis while trying to find his parent’s killer.

Duke of Midnight is the sixth book to the Maiden Lane series from Elizabeth Hoyt. I placed my request back in October and finally got it. I had several books to read first before I could even crack open the pages of this novel, but once I got to it I knew I would not be able to put it down and I was right. Personally for me this series gets better and better but I have to say this one was my favorite. I sat down and read until the very last page taking no breaks. I wanted to find out what would become Maximus’s act of revenge and how would his story with Artemis be written.

The characters of Artemis and Maximus were made for each other but his need to do his honor held him back. He sought out another, Penelope. She really wasn’t a bad person but not that smart either. It did look like Penelope was to be the wife for a good part of the book but Hoyt would never let that happen for Artemis and Maximus were truly meant to be together.  There was something sensual and raw about them together. There was no holding back with what they wanted sexually and they filled a void in each others lives that was enduring.

The whole mystery of Maximus’s past kept the novel going without a doubt as there were a lot of little clues that led you closer and closer to the truth. The other ghost played a small part at the end which I loved. I liked how Apollo was brought into the story and look forward to learning more about him and what happened that night of the murder he was accused of. One clue was an emerald which was leading you down a path that I had thought was the killer but was completely mislead.

With the tragedy that fell upon Maximus’s, his parents murder, and his valet reminded me of Batman and Alfred which was not a bad thing only an observation as I love the movies of Batman. So aside from the similarities I found this was an amazing book to read and I really can’t wait for the next one which I have no idea when that will be but it will be interesting as Asa looks to be the main character.


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