Hot for Fireman

Hot for FiremanKatie Dane had no desire to run her fathers bar but her family left her little choice. She will be overwhelmed with all the bills and by the new gorgeous bartender she hired. She will have to find a way to stop the bills and a fire might be the answer.

Ryan Blake took the bartender job on the side until he’s ready to come back to the fire station. He was instantly intrigued by his new boss but was getting mixed messages if she liked him or not. Ryan will have a bigger problem with fires that were starting at the bar.

Hot for Fireman is the second book to the Bachelor Fireman series from Jennifer Bernard. I tried the first book on a whim and mostly because of the cover. From the looks of this cover you are definitely drawn to this one as well. Of course our main guy Ryan is not all about looks like the cover shows him to be. He is a good guy who is not being the hotshot he used to be. He is sorting out his life and helping a girl while finding a new feeling he has never felt before. Now Katie was a girl at the end of her rope especially when she thought fire was the best way to end all her problems. This of course is not the right way to do it as danger comes out of this dilemma and causes more problems for Ryan. It took a while for Katie and Ryan to find that harmony which worked together but in the beginning and throughout the book there was instant sexual tension.

The plot kept going with the crazy idea of starting fires but it quickly becomes dangerous when they go to an outside source. There is a little mystery with this bad guy and he certainly causes trouble for Katie, her family and Ryan, but a happy ending will be given from Jennifer Bernard.


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