Always a Scoundrel

Always A ScoundrelLord Bramwell Johns is a second son of a duke and a famed scoundrel who never knew a wager he didn’t like. He has done everything he could to tarnish his reputation but now he will do everything to save this woman.

Lady Rosamund “Rose” Davies has done everything she could do to keep her family in order. Now she is being sold off to pay her brother’s debt to a scoundrel. She will look to another scoundrel to help save her.

Always A Scoundrel is the third and final book to the Notorious Gentleman series by Suzanne Enoch. After finishing all the book from this series I will have to say this was a great series but for me this book was my favorite out of the three. I started the book late into the evening and could not put down the book. This was mostly because I wanted to see Rose be able to fight away her soon betrothed and to see how Bram was using his skill on Rose at the same time changing into a better man.

I guess what I really liked about this story was the transformation that happens with Bram. He is everything bad and almost cruel but he slowly changes and becomes more honorable to more than just his close friends. Rose also has a transformation where she starts to think about herself and not her family.

I have to say her family were a little selfish but not in the mean spirited way. I wanted to shake James and knock him down for what he was doing to his sister, for making her marry the blackguard after he lost the money. James does get better but not very quickly. Our enemy is certainly Rose’s intended and he is a horrible man who is set on destroying the innocence of Rose. He will start to succeed but Rose will seek for another to educate her. There will be a lot of education happening between Rose and Bram throughout the book.

Always a Scoundrel was a great finish to the Notorious Gentleman series.


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