French Pressed

French PressedClare Cosi owns a popular coffeehouse, the Village Blend but her time will be preoccupied with her daughter who is dating a married chef who soon ends up dead. Clare will have to prove that her daughter is not the suspect to the murder and will have to find the murderer.

French Pressed from Cleo Coyle is the sixth book to the Coffeehouse series. She is a new author to me. I got the book as a freebie from my library. I hesitated at first since this is clearly a mystery. Mysteries and me do not always mix. I just can’t get into the stories or haven’t really found the ones that captured my attention. French Pressed is similar. I was able to get into the story with the characters and did like the idea but I wasn’t anticipating the story.

There is also a whole back story with the characters since I walked into the series. I feel that it could be read and understood easily but there are still some parts that you are missing with how the characters meet or what went on in their past. Especially with all the crimes Clare found herself around.

I will still be trying out mysteries to find ones that will make me love the genre.


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