The Chase

The ChaseKendall Holbrook is focused on her career but it is hard to do when the man who was her first love is always around. She will be forced to confront Evan and will find that her feelings never left.

Evan Monroe has been going down in his career but found that interacting with Kendall was something he wanted again. There will be a small problem that will arise which will shake their already unstable relationship.

I got the fourth book, The Chase, of Fast Track by Erin McCarthy. I had to read the series out of order because this book was checked out. Now the upside of reading the book out of order I already knew that Kendall and Evan would have a happy ending thanks to the fifth book. I didn’t have to wait to find out about the little surprise that Evan would be receiving and things do work out.

Fast Track is a fun series that is a quick read no matter the book. There are hard driven characters like Kendall and Evan with lots of sexual tension that ultimately leads to hot and heavy sex, and McCarthy writes those scenes well. I loved that Kendall is continuing the career she loves no matter what others say, if she can or can’t. Evan is a man who was heart broken and it showed on the track even after all these years. He is not the best driver but a good man and will show that with how he handles Kendall and the surprise that is thrown at him.

I have finished with the series so far since the next book is coming out in December, but when I can get my hands on it I will certainly read it.

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