A Lady By Midnight

A Lady By MidnightKate Taylor has been looking for where she belonged for years. Now she has a family coming to claim her and her world is turned upside down with what she finds out, but Thorne will be there to keep her from falling.

Corporal Thorne takes watching over Kate as his duty as it was many years ago. He has kept his distance in the last year but now with a family claiming her he will play the role of fiances to protect her.

The third book from Tessa Dare’s series Spindle Cove is A Lady By Midnight. This book was amazing to read. I am blown away each time I read a book from Tessa Dare who can write very well played out characters in a plot that you can’t get enough of. I tend to be a person who reads pretty fast. I slowed down with this novel enjoying and discovering what was Kate’s past, this mysteries family that showed up and how Thorne is connected to Kate’s past.

There are so many things i liked about this book. Firstly the character of Kate who has become a favorite character of mine. She was bold when she needed to be and not a shy miss but was still kind to those around her. Dare creates a good mystery involving her past and how Thorne collides with it. You knew that there was something between them right away from the other two books but until this one you weren’t really sure what was going on. Of course there was still a good wait to find out how Thorne and Kate’s past connected. Thorne’s character was a man of few words. I loved that he was protective but he kept his distance and explained little. He was a hero in the past when it came to Kate and that made you love him all the more.

The mystery of her family was one I wasn’t sure if it was real. Dare writes this family with many quirks and almost too good to be true which was hard to believe. Things do go in favor of Kate but it is still an uphill battle as secrets come out about the past and what is too be gained. A Lady By Midnight ends with a sweet epilogue giving a happy ending for all.


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