ScandalousLady Gabriella Banning knew she would be in trouble if anyone found out but to give her sister a chance to find a husband she would have to pretend their half brother was not killed. To her surprise she will find someone portraying her brother as they arrive in London.

Marcus, Earl of Wickham, was dead but for Nick’s purpose Marcus had to be alive. He would portray the Earl but find it hard to do his job with these three “sisters” staying in London, but he had to find the murderer.

Scandalous is the first book to Karen Robards series Banning Sisters. This was an instant intrigue for me with the very first couple pages of the book because right away you found out that the Earl was shot and killed, and someone was watching this happen who was coming to help the Earl. So instantly there is mystery and I wanted to know what would happen next. I have only read two other books from her but they are written in present day. You can rely on her for instant intrigue, mystery and suspense, she writes it well.

Gabriella was the sister that took the burden on herself with all that is going on and how to give her sisters a good upbringing. I loved her strength throughout the entire book. I was intrigued to find out about what happened with her leg that now she has a limp. You do find out and are horrified by the man who did this to her and how her father did not care. Then there was the false Wickman who you found out was Nick but much later on in the book. He was actually more cruel than I thought he would be. He gets better with how he acts especially around Gabriella with the lust they share. I liked that he was a mystery in the book and don’t really know tons about him. Now the interaction between them was good and bad. They were pushing each others buttons then drawing in their lust for each other. Gabriella kept him at bay most of the time because she could not trust him or even now his real name.

The villain is unknown throughout most of the book. There is a bad person that pops back into Gabriella’s life and you learn more about him as the story goes on. I was surprised by the the murderer I will say. It makes sense as they were a pretty horrible person.

The ending Robards gives was fantastic. You are left with one more surprise that breaks Gabriella’s heart but will be mended because the twist will be leaving her a happy ending. The next two books are all about the other two sisters, Claire first then Beth. I will be reading Claire’s story next.


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