A Lady of Persuasion

A Lady of PersuasionSir Tobias Aldridge has been jilted. His heart was not touched only his pride. Now he sees a woman and gets lost in her eyes. He will tempt Isabel to be his bride and hold on to her so she doesn’t slip away.

Isabel Grayson wanted a husband of wealth and a title and absolutely not to fall in love. She will find herself falling under Toby’s spell, but will she be able to adjust her life.

A Lady of Persuasion is the third book and final book to Tessa Dare’s series Toby and Isabel Trilogy. I really did like this book not as much as the first two but overall a really great book. I think it was because I really didn’t love Toby as a character, I didn’t hate him. I guess I thought overall his character was a little immature with his own needs and his thoughts of how to treat a woman. Again nothing horrible but he treated them like a fragile flower and not giving them a chance to show their strength. Then there was Isabel who was stuck with what she believed and was not really bending her own views when it came to this new life she was now in. So I guess they were both pretty flawed. It was enjoyable to read how they overcame there own flaws and found a way to work a relationship with each other.

Now that I have finished this series I know that I have to go to another one of Tessa Dare’s. I am off to the Spindle Cove series. Hopefully they are available for me to check out.


2 thoughts on “A Lady of Persuasion

  1. Gayle, I’m sure you will enjoy the Spindle Cove Series. It is lighthearted and romantic.

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