The Perfect Lover

The Perfect LoverSimon Frederick Cynster has decided that it was time to take a wife. He wasn’t sure who the intended would be but it was time to seriously start looking. He would start at the house party he will attend, but will be surprised when his attention goes to a woman he has known since childhood.

Portia Ashford was to attend a house party and vowed that she would seriously consider looking for a potential husband from the list of guest but not enthusiastically. She will come upon Simon whom she has known since childhood but things will be changing as she is seeing him different.

The eleventh book of the Cynsters series is The Perfect Lover from Stephanie Laurens. The book was a good read. I found that I liked the twins story a little more but Simon’s story is good nevertheless. There was passion bursting from the pages as Simon and Portia move beyond arguing with each other to embracing each other. I liked the transition she made with Portia and Simon, I thought it was well done. I also liked that Simon was like all the other Cynsters as he was protective with Portia especially when danger was coming closer to her.

It was interesting as the plot was simple with a house party which turns to murder as you reach over half of the book. I felt bad that I didn’t care who was murdered but this person was not very nice and liked to manipulate those around them. The mystery of the murder is not exposed until the very end and reasons are given explaining why this person was killed.

I am taking a break from Stephanie Laurens but will be back to finish her series.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Lover

  1. You have made good progress in the series, Gayle.

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