The Promise in a Kiss

The Promis in a KissHelena Rebecce de Stansion Comtesse d’Lisle meet a dangerous man seven years ago and he left with a kiss. Seven years later she sees him in the ballroom and he is still that dangerous man. She will be tempted but keeps him at bay though circumstances will keep him close to her.

Sebastian Cynster, Duke of St. Ives meet Helena by chance seven years ago and now that he has her in his sights once again he was not going to miss his chance. Sebastian will seduce Helena but will learn that something is going on that she is hiding.

The Promise in a Kiss is the eighth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I picked up a few books of the series to continue the path of reading the Cynsters. I was surprised to read it was a prequel to the Cynsters. This book is about how Devil’s parents came to be. I didn’t know who this couple was at first which is why I am very happy to see the timeline that Laurens gives in the book.

So the book was good. It was shorter than most of her books but still with a good amount of detail and intrigue to keep the reader going. I liked how strong Helena was especially when it came to protecting her sister from the blackmail of their uncle. I remember from the first book with Devil she was still that same woman being strong and resilient. Sebastian was charming and had that Cynster style when it came to the woman and doing the right thing. I liked that there was a little danger and mystery which brought Helena and Sebastian closer together without them knowing it at first.

Amelia and Amanda, the Cynster twins, will be up next stirring up their own trouble each with their own book.


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