Highlander Ever After

Highlander Ever AfterEgan MacDonald has been given the task to protect Princess Zarabeth. He was nervous around the girl as she made him weak with desire. Egan will find that he will soon stop fighting his feelings and give in to the woman he has loved for years.

Princess Zarabeth has loved one man but she was rejected. Now five years later she’s back with that man as she is in danger and he is for her protection. She will find more than she thought staying at Egan’s castle and will find a curse on Egan’s family which she will be determined to break.

Highlander Ever After by Jennifer Ashley is the third and final book in the series Nvengaria. I wanted to read this right after the second book so I stayed in the moment of this magical world and wanted to know more about Egan and Zarabeth’s relationship ready.

The characters of Egan and Zarabeth were fun to read about especially there interaction. They had a past and Ashley explains it well and it shapes who these characters are. Zarabeth used to be carefree but now she is more cautious and she has a secret where she can read minds. She could not however read Egan’s mind which drew her towards him. I liked that she was magical. Now Egan was the laird of the castle without a doubt and took the job seriously. I loved that he was to be the protector of Zarabeth.

I had walked past this book many times before in the library but never getting it because I wanted to read the series in order. Now that I am here I really liked this series and this book. Highlander Ever After was a great finish to the series.


2 thoughts on “Highlander Ever After

  1. I have so much Jennifer Ashley to catch up on!!!!

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