Hot Finish

Hot Finish Suzanne Jefferson is running out of her alimony and she needs to get back to work. Wedding planning wasn’t her favorite job but if done right she could make money. The only problem was in this particular wedding her ex-husband was a groomsman and he wasn’t her ex she soon found out.

Ryder Jefferson never wanted to divorce from his wife but they couldn’t seem to not stop the fighting but Ryder will find out that it wasn’t final. He was going to take this second chance and show Suzanne that they can make it work.

Hot Finish is Erin McCarthy’s third book to the series Fast Track. After loving the first two I was ready for the ride of Suzanne and Ryder’s chaos and soon to be reunited love. Okay so first it was okay. There was certainly sex involved as McCarthy has that down but I wasn’t overly found of the couple in their book. I liked them before and still liked them but I wasn’t pulled into the book as the first two book.s It might be Suzanne’s over sarcastic side and Ryder’s laid back/non confrontation attitude he has. Of course at the end the characters have me smiling that they finally got it right and some of the barriers have been broken down.

I am still going on with the series as I always do. I am looking forward to finding out more on Evan and the rest of the race car drivers.


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