Just One Kiss

Just One KissJustice Garrett  is back in Fool’s Gold, a town he stayed at briefly when he was a teenager but he knew that this was home especially with Patience. He is coming back to make a life for himself in this small town and will find that Patience has not changed and his attraction is still there.

Patience McGraw has had dreams all her life but things have gotten in the way. Now she will have a chance to open a small coffee shop. Patience will be thrown however when the boy she had a crush on, now a full grown man, comes back to Fool’s Gold.

Just One Kiss is the eleventh book to the series Fool’s Gold by Susan Mallery and she brings a little more dangerous action to the book. Justice left the town because he was in hiding from his father and was placed in the witness protection. We think the danger is over but Justice will have danger surrounding him thanks to his job as a bodyguard. There is a twist towards the end of the book that brings danger to Justice and Patience. Now Patience seems very meek and a little shy but there is more to her character. She is strong for herself, her daughter and her mother, even Justice when she needs to be. I love that she always has her own fashion sense that is very quirky with color and cartoon characters.

Now I have been on the path of Susan Mallery reading one to eleven and I really loved each one. It was a complete heartwarming/heartbreaking stories that always ended with the couple in love and looking toward the future with plenty of obstacles that the couples had to work through. Mallery keeps producing books with the characters she introduces and now she is bringing in more tough guys like Justice, Gideon, Ford and Angel. She also counters these men with female characters who you know will be connected to these guys later on when they each have their own story. I am looking forward to more of her stories, but I am taking a break right now and letting the series grow once again.


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