Summer Days

Summer DaysRafe Stryker has been the man of the family since he was a kid. Now he is back to taking care of things when his mother got into a legal bind on the old ranch where they lived as children. Rafe will fight for ownership but will meet his match on the current tenant.

Heidi Simpson has dreamed of owning something of her own. To have roots and to stop moving from one place to another. Heidi will soon have her dream crashing down beneath her feet but she will not stand by. She will fight and do what she can to keep this home, but it will get hard to concentrate when Rafe is around.

Summer Days is the seventh book to Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series. I am on a roll with the book and I have now come back to the Stryker family which started me on the series. Since I had enjoyed the books from Shane and Clay I had a feeling that Rafe’s story would be just as good, and it was. Rafe is the strong and ruthless type when it comes down to business, when it comes to his mother he usually just concedes to make her happy. Reading him being frustrated over his moms impulses when she buys many animals for the ranch. Heidi was the complete opposite of Rafe but in their childhood they are similar because they both had little money growing up and had to fight for what they needed to have in life. I loved that Heidi grew up in the carnival and that now she raises goats and sells the cheese.

I am going to re-read the next two books, Summer Nights and All Summer Long just so I am reading the series in chronological order. After I read read those two books A Fool’s Gold Christmas is next and I have to say I am really curious about Evie.


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