Only Yours

Only YoursMontana Hendrix found a calling when working with therapy dogs in hopes to help those around her like a boy who needs confidence when reading or a burn victim who needs comfort. She wants that story book ending but it seemed to not be going her way that was until she bumped into the new doctor, but he was not someone who was going to be easy to love.

Simon Bradley wanted to help patients and as many as he could and especially those who had scars. His heart closed up at an early age and permanently when his mother harmed him, but now there is Montana who is trying to open his heart once again. He wants to resist as he doesn’t want to feel it breaking from rejection.

Only Yours is the fifth book to Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery. I can’t get enough of this series. This was another great heartwarming and heartbreaking book especially when it came down to Simon and his story.

Now as I was reading I had the idea of Beauty and the Beast in mind when it came to Montana and Simon. Montana is beauty but due to old relationships she found herself insecure about the real beauty she was. Simon was scarred due to his mothers abuse when she pushed him into the fireplace the fire still going. He thought no one could accept him. Love finds a way but there are many obstacles that are forced in their path which are all self made.

On the rest of the plot the side characters were wonderful as always to read about. The mom, Denise Hendrix was comical to read about with her dating scene but what was interesting was to learn more about the man Max. Now I have to say I loved the therapy dogs, CeCe and Buddy, and how they brought joy to the kids who needed them. I have seen those type of dogs in action and it was really amazing to watch.

The last sister who is part of the triplets will be next in Only His with Nevada.


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