All About Passion

All About PassionGyles Rawlings, Earl of Chillingworth did not want love in a marriage. He got the bride with a contact and soon will find that he got more than he thought when entering into this marriage with Francesca.

All About Passion is the seventh book of Stephanie Laurens series Cynster. This is the first book of the Cynster series that is not featuring a member of the family, Gyles is an honorary Cynster. I was wondering if I would like the book or not as it would not have the family that started the book, but I thought it was well done. I liked how Laurens wrote the characters of Francesca and Gyles. Passion was built in immediately and confusion as mistaken identity quickly followed. You wanted them to find love with each other and for their marriage not to be a sham and Laurens will definitely give her characters a happy ending.

You are given a well written novel with a little mystery on who is the person behind the accidents, which I did not see coming so I liked the twist Laurens did with the villain.

The Cynsters were still around but more in the background when it came to the book but overall it was entertaining to read.


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