All About Love

All About LoveAlasdair “Lucifer” Cynster did not want to end up like his cousins and fall into any arms of a woman who was potential to marry. He leaves but soon finds himself getting tangled up in a murder and helping a tempting girl, Phyllida Tallent, who will intrigue him and make him rethink about marriage.

All About Love is the sixth book to Stephanie Lauren’s Cynster series. I go up and down with the series since starting it but I did like Lucifer’s story. I liked that it opened with a murder and him getting whacked on the head by Phyllida. Lauren’s gave a little humor in the mist of murder and mystery. Lucifer’s character was a little more stern but there was a softness to him him and Phyllida was sweet and naive but with a good heart. I liked that there was strength as well to her character. Laurens also throw in the chemistry that works very well for these two characters especially as Lucifer wants nothing more than to show Phyllida the ways of seduction and love.

What I also liked about the novel was the fact that the Cynsters were all back together at the very end. You got to see how their own families progressed. Laurens had it almost like an ending but she will be continuing the series with friends of the Cynsters and we have yet to have the twins with their own story which I am interested in reading.


2 thoughts on “All About Love

  1. I also enjoy the Cynster novels but I like some more than others. I also think of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series when I think of Lauren’s Cynster. I think I like the Bridgertons better. What do you think?

    • If I would have to choose between the Cynster and Bridgerton it would have to be Bridgerton. With the Cynsters they are good but for me they are not all good where the Bridgerton’s I loved them all. I will still read the Cynster’s cause I want to finish the series.

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